Zodiac Tiger

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

As we enter the zodiac year of the tiger, it has been forecasted as quite an aggressive year. There will be images of stormy weathers and darkness because tigers are said to be always engaged in a battle. Mostly, they prowl during late nights until dawn for prey. Also, the year of the tiger belongs to the power category of the horoscope.

Stripes Character

Considering the characteristics of a tiger, it belongs to the royal family of the jungle; they might not be as kingly as the lions but they are the knights of the jungle world.

The attributes of a people born on this year are hard to resist because they are quite magnetic. They are also brave and fight with courage. Tigers trust their instincts when in battle.

Tigger and Friends

Their friends generally admire their optimism and determination; but with these characteristics there's also the catch that friends also find them hard to please. So if you have a friend born on this year, be aware that while there will be highs and lows along the way the friendship is always there. Friends born in the year of the tiger are Loyal.

Tigers, born next to the ox in the horoscope, have the capability to boost the mood of any miserable individual they encounter. With that behavior, Tigers have no difficulty gaining new friends. They are quite sociable and they don't just lose their temper. In reality, Tiger people without pals are pretty depressed and cheerless. Similar to the monkey, the rat, and the dragon, tigers are most at ease when encircled by family and friends.

As allies and friends, Tigers are extraordinarily generous and incredibly warm with their money, attention and time. Friends are welcome in a Tiger's home always. They will often be greeted with tea and sympathy, a tissue, an open mind, an ear and an open wallet. Only a few friends can be as affectionate and caring, as surprising and quirky, or as genuine as the Tiger.

Is Tigger A Super Sleuth?

In the horoscope, the ultimate jobs for the people born in the year of the tiger are high profile a politician, artist, musician, writer, poet, entrepreneur, military officer, engineer, film star, stockbroker or a company director. You see they are always in the limelight once you have that kind of job.

A Free Hearted Tiger

The health of a tiger is a bit vulnerable. A tiger is a hardworking individual and loves a challenge too much, that the risk of collapsing from exhaustion is higher. That is why they have to control their pace to keep themselves active longer and prevent fatigue.

The fortune of the tiger people is quite positive and most of their jobs are known to be well paid. A person born in the year of the tiger is a big spender. They love to spend and share their blessings.

People born in the year of the Tiger like to live on the edge, to take a trip long distance, conquering thrills and worries along the way. By no means the homebody, Tigers like action and enthusiasm better than peaceful days. They depart on a whim and come back when they are geared to plan their next vacation. Action-filled getaways are sure to get a Tiger away for an extended moment!

A Healthy Tiger

Tigers are extremely sexy inhabitants, striking to nearly all people and are extremely passionate. An impulsive lover who never mislays the ingenious spark for a sundown of enthusiasm is a Tiger's key trait. They reveal an interest for the anonymous. His or her spouse should also be patient with the temper swings, the high and lows, the bad and the good.

The following are the tigers' associations and attributes: Zodiac ruling hours- 3am to 5am. Positive traits: dynamic, brave, confident, intense, courageous, energetic, independent, faithful and attractive. Negative traits: impatient, rebellious, hotheaded, moody and reckless.

Tiger zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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