Zodiac Snake

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Enchanting in their spirituality, snakes are considered mysterious, wise, grand, enigmatic, sexy and romantic. People born in the horoscope years 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, snakes have the enigmatic gift of enchantment through hypnotism.

The zodiac snake are capable of stopping people on their tracks, halting wars, and bringing things to a standstill; thereby, promulgating peace. A snake's skin is cold and slippery; however, do not let appearances fool you as soon as the music is on, the Snake person is turned into a sensual being moving to ensnare and beguile.

Career Destiny

A love for music is one of their predominant characteristics. People born under this zodiac sign have the power to evoke deep emotion and affect people in ways that are just awe inspiring.

This penchant to captivate does not work only to the advantage of the snake, but also for the general population. It is good for a snake to be on a stage; away from people where their gifts and charms can be better enjoyed without the danger.

The snake was not given upon the earth to toil and labor, or to merely be a source of entertainment. They are here to keep things in check. To bring repercussions to those who do not make use of themselves. Snakes do not tolerate parasitic people.

Which brings us to another perfect occupation snakes have the ability to mesmerize people. A politician, diplomat, and ambassador must have the quality a snake possesses, in order to be effective; that's why snakes are the best for these jobs.

Money, Money, Money

The snake's ability to analyze complex situations with speed and accuracy, coupled with their enviable resolve to find the best solutions, make a snake valuable to any organization or entity. This ability gives great advantage to the snake's wallet and bank account. Unlike most of us, people born under the snake zodiac sign rarely have money problems.

A snake person loves to work independently, because then they are in better control of a situation; they do not like being held back by another person. Snakes are keen on learning and improving themselves. Possession of a sharp memory makes their tasks pieces of cake.

Face On, Face Off

Snakes love to reinvent themselves. They pride in themselves for their ability to change at will. This quality is believed to be so because in ancient times snakes were worshipped and revered.

Blessed with elegance and inherent beauty physically (and some from within) snakes love to associate with equally intelligent people. They do not bother with trivialities and foolishness. A snake is always elegant and graceful; striking yet mysterious.

According to the horoscope, the snake is the ultimate symbol of evil. Therefore, it is essential to keep them in check. Never ever over-compliment a snake to the point of worship or they can turn on you. They give good advice but be careful of words that dig deep or they will hurt. They can spit venom through words.

Final Thoughts

Snakes are selective and careful in choosing the people they love and care for. The snake usually thinks of his or her choices before letting the heart get in the way. Elegance, manners and good breeding are a must-have if a person wants to catch the interest of a zodiac snake.

Snakes always clash with the monkey because they tend to be rowdy. They also do not mesh well with the pig and the tiger. A dog and snake combination is doable, but can still be a little tense.

A snake is better when he or she is allied in love with a rooster; they are very compatible. The snake is also compatible with the Ox, but for a female born under the Snake year it is better to find a Dragon person because only the dragon can overcome and tame the snake.

Snake zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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