Zodiac Pig

Chinese Zodiac Pig

The zodiac pig is a patient, straightforward and usually honest person. A person who was born in the year of the pig is very supportive and often opts to stay in the sidelines. Pigs gain confidence slowly and are timid and shy with people they don't know well.

The Meticulous Yet Resigned

A pig will always appear to be withdrawn and may seem an introvert, but despite the shy nature, pigs are very supportive and loving individuals according to the horoscope. A pig never lets people down; he or she conforms with social norms because he or she is afraid of being ostracized.

Pigs protect themselves; they do not exact revenge even if people do wrong unto them. A pig person is conservative; pigs dislike traveling far and going to unfamiliar places. They usually take time to adjust and respond to new people and things.

Pigs are nature lovers. They hate the hustle and bustle of the city. A pig is at peace at the countryside, as its nature is peaceful and tolerant. They give allowances for people who express themselves. They are very encouraging and hate confrontation.

Although demure and quiet, zodiac pigs are neither weak nor are cowards. If the situation calls for them to defend themselves, the pig can protect himself quite effectively. People born in the year of the pig are admired for their quiet strength.

Pigs have good hearts; they believe that people are inherently good.

Pig Love Affairs

Pigs are naive but sweet, and are sensitive and caring. Reticent, a pig is cautious when it comes to love. They are the marrying, helpless romantic types of people. The only problem is that if the pig picks the wrong person then he or she may set him or her self up for heartache because they give full trust and love to the people they care about.

No matter, though, heart break is a rite of passage and the pigs are good at learning lessons they do not commit the same mistake twice. Pigs are giving; but their partners should not abuse them because they might just throw in the towel and disappear.

The Pig and the Rat zodiac make expensive partners and will end up breaking the bank. An ox and a pig alliance is sexually electric they will have to work on their mental and emotional relationship to get past the extreme physical attraction.

The Tiger, Cat, and Dragon are all compatible with the pig. Their relationship will be one based on trust, love and caring.

The snake and the Pig are simply indifferent to each other, while the Horse and pig combination may be far too casual for the good of them both. The pig and the monkey will constantly bicker with each other. The goat and the pig will have an amiable relationship. The dog, and rooster plus the pig will only have a so-so relationship.

Pig Career

Pigs are not into politics, back stabbing and putting people down to get ahead. They desire success, but not at the expense of others. Pigs are not overly-ambitious. In the horoscope, they perform their duties efficiently and seriously.

Pigs are slow but sure workers. Before beginning a certain project, a pig evaluates and analyzes then chooses the option that maximizes time and result. Pigs are not risk takers. They love human contact, so they make excellent doctors, nurses, nannies and caregivers.

Pig zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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