Zodiac Monkey

Chinese Zodiac Monkey

In the horoscope, a monkey is a born comedian. A happy person at heart, the zodiac monkey infects those around him with laughter and happiness.

A Stroke of Talent

The monkey is the closest to the earliest known of the human species, and this is probably why a person born on this sign is the most intellectually-gifted of all, not to mention humorous. In possession of a complete facultative brain, monkeys are often said to be effective plotters, genius inventors, and creatively mischievous people.

The monkey is quick to understand underlying and hidden meanings. He or she is very good at reading between the lines. Monkeys' excellent memory and mental awareness makes them alert to their surroundings even while being engrossed in a conversation.

Monkey persons are what are usually referred to as jacks of all trades their multiple talents and agile minds aide them in being able to master multiple specialties.

Known to be systematic in their dealings, monkeys are excellent problem solvers. If there is a dilemma, then expect the monkey to knit and pick it until he or she finds a solution with the most favorable results.

The Downside

Beware of the monkey, though, for he or she can be a formidable opponent. Monkeys place great stock on honesty. They are honest, therefore, they demand that they be afforded the same courtesy. They are not spiteful, but if you intentionally damage their reputation and sear their good name, then you are really in for it!

Monkeys are very determined and will stop at nothing to achieve what they want. This drive sometimes makes the monkey appear manipulative or vain. The probability of being misunderstood is high, so a monkey must be careful not to damage his or her relationships.

They say that it is a rare event to see people content, but a monkey has such confidence that he or she really is satisfied with what he has. The zodiac monkey is aware that everything depends on his ability to act towards a certain destination; therefore, any failure is entirely his doing.

Love and A Chimpanzee

The monkey leads his life with passion and a sense of humor. A busy life, coupled with the occasional arguments and subsequent reconciliations are the things to be expected when you have a romantic relationship with a monkey.

A person born in the year of the monkey is attracted by the prospect of romance and is, therefore, a romantic at heart. Monkeys have a very active and colorful love life. People in love with the monkey person are drawn by the good natured aura and the humor.

On a sad note, a monkey who is not ready for commitment is difficult to pin down; but if you just let him find his way, when ready, a monkey makes for a very faithful partner; even so faithful that when a relationship ends, the monkey has trouble letting go.

Business Savvy

Those born in the year of the monkey are advised to impress people at work by creating strategic plans that show their finer points and areas of specialization.

The monkey's keen memory is an asset that is thoroughly put to good use. Picking up trades, skills and abilities makes the monkey an invaluable asset to a company. Monkeys are fast and adaptable, so they can do work quicker than most people.

A monkey's ability is better put to good use on a professional realm. A monkey's innate ability to be inquisitive, goal-oriented, and smart will translate to great success in some careers.

Monkey zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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