Zodiac Goat

Chinese Zodiac Goat

Traditionally a person born in the year of the goat is said to be artistic and blessed with an immense talent for creative endeavors. However, just like any zodiac sign, characteristics may generally vary.

Creative Geniuses

It is said that among the entire horoscope, the Goat is exceedingly artistic, and the one endowed with a great sense for fashion and an eye for art. That is probably why those born on the year of the goat make great painters and designers for they have a penchant for creating beautiful things.

The Inside Reflects The Outside

With the eye for beauty comes the possession for it inside and out. Goat's are careful not to tread on anyone’s feelings. When he or she has done wrong on somebody the goat always rectifies the situation. These amiable characteristics is the reason why goats are popular friends and are easy to get along with.

Goats continually seek approval, especially from people they respect. The exceeding need for constant positive encouragement and approval sometimes becomes too imposing on those around the goat. In the course of a goat's life, he or she will need constant prodding, coupled with strong support and loyal friends and family.

Compatibility in Love and Relationships

The need for loyal and steadfast people to lean on makes the Tiger, Pig and Horse a good complement to the goat's needy personality. A harmonious relationship may also be achieved with the Snake, Rooster, Monkey and the Dragon.

Perhaps the only zodiac signs that the goat won't do great with are the Rat and the Ox. The rat is a little too ambitious and tenacious for the goat. The ox, on the other hand, is probably too harsh and stern to lend a sympathetic ear. The practical dog will also become impatient with the woeful goat.

Sometimes, a goat is so sensitive that he or she frequently misconstrues things and situations. When confronted with the people they like, goats tend to be painfully shy; thus, there are some who are very insecure. The longing to feel needed, protected and loved is ingrained in a goat's core.

On a lighter note, the goat's needy feeling is counterbalanced with the ability to nurture and take care of those who are around them. They are calm, collected and not easily frazzled. When someone is cross with them a goat is patient enough to allow that person to cool off. This part of the personality enables them to be soothing, reserved and quiet.

Unbeknownst to a goat, they can actually harvest more success because of their nature. It is just that they rarely have the confidence to allow themselves to do so.

An Undeniable Gift

The goats' level-headedness and ability to be even tempered has given them an advantage health-wise. They are not easily stressed and are healthier than those who get run down after a high energy burst. Easily pleased and made happy are the secret to a goat's health.

Advice for the Goat

In the horoscope, the goat people enjoy the comforts of having great friends and an amiable relationship at work. They are not born leaders, but they make excellent members. They have smart opinions, which they willingly share to achieve success for the group.

Goat zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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