Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

The dragon is the most revered of all the zodiac signs. A dragon is both holy and mythical; a creature not only famous in Vietnam but in the whole world. Such is the dragon's power that it is traditionally placed above doors to ward off evil spirits from any home or establishment. That is why it is very much fitting that the dragon is one of the symbols in the horoscope.

Fiery Personality

In Asia, the dragon is synonymous with magnificence a person born in the year of the dragon is said to be full of strength and vitality. Attractive and flamboyant, the dragon is of the yang element, the signature for wealth and power.

Truly gifted with tremendous luck and energy, people who come into existence in the years 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 possess innate charisma because they are born in a year sponsored by a Dragon. They never escape unnoticed and they always stand out in a sea of mere mortals.

The dragon person is inquisitive and intellectually phenomenal. Dragons are great at creating just the right impression they want. Never lacking self confidence, dragons do everything in a grand scale. Ambitious and quite egotistical, Dragons of the horoscope have the tendency to become megalomaniacs.

A dragon person is great at harnessing intelligence, talent, and energy; this uncanny skill makes them achieve far greater and better than anybody else. Wise men say that People born in the year of the dragon don the crown of destiny. Perhaps this is because their character is considered top caliber.

Despite being overbearing and a little too forward, dragons also have a charitable and positive dominant side. Dragons are inherently brave. If one of a dragon's friends is in trouble, expect that the dragons will be there to protect and defend that friend.

Dragons will solve any problem, battle and misunderstanding with impartiality, authority, justice and dignity. The dragon people are perfectionists when it comes to themselves and others. Unfortunately, this trait makes them fail to see that all people have weaknesses.

The put stock on the premise that a person born in the year of the dragon have harmony of heaven and earth energies, hence, good fortune always follows them.

Unlike other zodiac signs, dragons can make boring obsessive compulsive things seem exciting, creative and innovative.

Water to the Fire

According to the horoscope, dragons are fiery. It is to be expected that they can, sometimes, be bad tempered and make snap decisions. They can be really irritating, obstinate and tactless. Although full of wisdom, there are times when a dragon can get too carried away and be overly critical with his or her suggestions. A dragon person has the inclination to make his or her opinions known and disregard any input from other people.

Love Affair with a Dragon

When it comes to love, dragons are incredibly passionate to a fault. They can be partial in a sense that they become blinded to the faults of their better half; shielding and protecting that loved one from anything or anyone that could hurt them is a dragon's top priority.

A string of admirers usually follow a dragon; the sheer pull of his or her presence is unnerving. In retrospect, this abundance of audience sometimes bloats the ego of the dragon. They can definitely throw a fit when they think that they are not getting the proper amount of compliments.

Because it's easy for them to find admirers, young dragons do not take love seriously at times. Their love affairs and sexual prowess is an endless list. Nonetheless, when a dragon finds true love, he or she gives her or his heart completely.

Compatibility Test

Dragon people need partners who will allow them to grow and express themselves. Additionally, that love interest will also have to possess a great amount of confidence to match that of the dragons. The dragon is best paired up with the Rat, Rooster, Snake, and Tiger; and they must avoid the Dog at all costs.

Dragon zodiac article last updated: Wednesday 21st of August 2019

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