Zodiac Dog

Chinese Zodiac Dog

Generally an attentive, well meaning, and warm hearted creature, the dog is one of the most likable animals in the Horoscope.

The Dog person, like everyone, also has a negative side, though. Dogs can be impossible to live with because sometimes they can be very quarrelsome, judgmental, and disagreeable.

The Dog's Personality

A dog's most predominant trait is loyalty something passed on to people brought unto this world on the following auspicious zodiac years: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

Dogs are, indeed, man's best friend, and this is reflected in someone born in the Dog's Year. No matter what, when a friend asks for help the dog comes running. A dog person is perceptive to the needs of others. They empathize with others. A dog is also a promulgator of justice; and if someone had been treated unfairly, dogs can react as if the wrong was committed towards them.

These qualities are the reasons why dogs are surrounded with people who want to be their best friend. Dogs are straight forward, intelligent, and honest. They are responsible and mature enough to take the weight of any task assigned to them. You will be assured that they will perform the requirements for the job conscientiously and to the best of their abilities.

A person born on the zodiac year of the dog has an old soul. They have the penchant for taking things a little too seriously. There also are times when a dog complains too much, but gradually as he or she grows older he or she learns not to be overly critical.

A dog is always idealistic and full of integrity. Dogs believe in playing fair. Dreamers to the core, they cannot accept the fact the world is riddled with oppression, poverty, and violence. The after effect of this idealism, however, is emotional upset.

A dog believes in doing the best he or she can. They believe in trying, even dying while doing so. It is very important for the dog not to have questions, like what if's and what could have been's, which lead to emotional stress.

A dog believes in living life to the fullest, but with careful thought and consideration to avoid regret. It is important for the dog to search for solutions and to dwell on the problem only long enough to get clues for the answers.

Dogs And Love Affairs

Dogs thrive in love affairs that are well balanced, where he or she is both a giver and a receiver. When in love, a dog is always generous, honest, loyal and straightforward. Dogs are worriers; their own anxiety and active imaginations sometimes give them non-existent romantic problems.

A dog is not an impulsive person when it comes to love. For them, the basis of any romantic idyll is always friendship. A committed dog person is both passionate and loving, but he or she can also be protective and possessive. In general, however, he or she is always trusting and open.

The dog person never complains they suffer in silence when it comes to relationships. In his or her eyes the person they love can do no wrong. Through good and bad times a dog person will always be right by your side. According to the horoscope, a dog is compatible with the Tiger, cat and horse, and is least likely to get along with the dragon and ram.

Dogs And Career

Dogs are very reliable. They act with a sense of responsibility, sensitivity and compassion. They can be trusted. In careers, a dog always wants to have a definite job description and a goal to work towards because he or she may feel confused if he or she doesn't know what to achieve.

The Dog person is both a good leader or follower. Dogs understand the value of cooperation. A dog never judges other people and may not understand everyone; although they respect that every person is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Dog zodiac article last updated: Saturday 20th of July 2019

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